๐Ÿ›นUsing CHATGPT offline? How to use AI in B2B SaaS- Ep 3

In this episode of (un)Supervised Learning, Renee, takes a look at opensource llm frameworks ,open-source repos and home automation. The featured guest is Kyle Legare, an active individual in B2B sales who's exploring AI on his own terms They talk about Kyle's unique venture into home automation, his remarkable work in utilising LLMs for enhancing sales calls, ElevenLabs and voice models the relevance of ChatGPT, his involvement in the AI community in Vancouver, and much more. They also discuss the common misconceptions about AI and how such technology can significantly affect different industries including banking. This dialogue provides intriguing insights about the practical application of AI and its potential for the future.

Links Mentioned- Finetuning 30x faster- https://unsloth.ai/ Sponsored by Jan https://jan.ai/

Opensource AI agent - https://superagent.sh/

Langchain - https://python.langchain.com/docs/exp...

Big list of local ai repos- https://www.unsupervisedlearning.co/p...

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