🧱Build in Public #2

This month has been a rollercoaster of introspection. These build in public updates are to serve as realistic updates on building out an open source community in public.

I've been grappling with what it means to learn, and lately, it feels like I'm a fish trying to climb a tree. I follow all these brilliant research scientists, immersed in machine learning and the cutting edge of AI. It's fascinating, but it also makes me feel like the dumbest person I know.

I'm not a tech expert. I long to build, to know computational math, to nod along when people talk about chain of thought and optimisation efficiency- but that's simply not my skillset. It doesn't stop me from talking about the power of "accessible AI" and "open-source for non-technical people."

I feel like a vegetarian butcher, trying to sell the best cuts of meat when I don't even eat the stuff myself.

On this

Sometimes... I think curiosity is a luxury. We follow our interests down rabbit holes, meandering through knowledge for the sheer joy of it. But sometimes, when you don't have a clear goal, that meandering ends up just spinning your wheels. It becomes exhausting, and it chips away at your confidence.

Where's the pressure coming from to master a craft? Society has this obsession with expertise, with "doing the reps" until you reach mastery. And yeah, I get it, that hard work matters. Yet, there's this other part of me – the part that struggles to explain the complex things I sort of understand. It's a part that wants to be a stand-in for the audience, to be the brave one who says, "Actually, that makes no sense."

Build in public update- Where Are We?

  • Operating costs- $2592 USD this month$0 revenue

  • It’s been a month of testing, experimenting with content and attempting to outsource. I’ve recognised that that isn’t what I want. (After building out SOPs and hiring two contractors for projects)

My “tech stack”

  • Currently using good ol Google Meet to record. (apologies to audiophiles but a few of the popular players have crashed on me ;(

  • Using Opus Clip and finding it fine.

  • Excalidraw at this point is a co-host for me.

  • Canva for social posts (which I’m terrible at)

  • Notion for HQ

  • GitBook for website

  • Baserow for forms

  • Superwave for community

  • Substack for newsletterThings I Tried (and failed at)Website on Framer- built it, took it down (website iterations below)

  • Tried to create an AI agent to do podcast research (semi-successful)

  • Still haven’t got ID3 tags set up (woops)

  • Ended Beehiiv/ Substack internal struggle.

  • dropped the ball on a few interpersonal things (getting back to people 🌚)

On the fence

  • Twitter (good for DMs/ poor for sharing knowledge, a time sink )

  • Twitter engagement currently at 9.6%Twitter impressions up 614%

  • Being consistent with Tiktok (views down 65%) but I enjoy making some "edutainment"

Things I’m Doing Now

  • Considering pulling back the newsletter to once a fortnight- still weekly podcasts (perhaps 2 )

  • Dipping my toes in longer-form video

  • Speaking with potential sponsors, (not sure how to approach this one)

Wins and vanity metrics

  • I’ve joined Women on the hub (thank you Emily Witko 🤗)

  • Released 6 podcast episodes, with 10 recorded and 6 more booked.

  • Steady growth on LinkedIn - 318 followers and 25,000 post impressions.

  • People are listening! Averaging 150~ 200 plays per episode

  • YouTube growth - 4,283 views in the last 30 days, 220 new subscribers.

  • Really refined the podcast workflow

Maybe the world doesn't need another loud voice, but a space for reflection and resonance. So, what does that look like?

Not another education space

Imagine a community-driven, non-linear corner of the website where people contribute content and "modules." It's about tailoring your learning path, choosing open or closed tooling – total flexibility.

The "Unsupervised Learning" Roadmap

Should 'Unsupervised Learning' be a platform, a market, or a movement?

  • A tool-agnostic educational platform – A space where anyone can teach and learn.

  • A marketplace? matching seekers and providers of knowledge.

  • A not-for-profit? laser-focused on pure knowledge sharing.

Values, funding, conviction (oh my!)

I'm wrestling with how to fund this work while staying true to my convictions. I want to engage with diverse perspectives – not just to seek $, but because I believe in the power of collaboration and nuance across ideologies.

Speaking of resonance... I feel like my current newsletter isn't hitting the mark with readers (and to be honest, myself).

To combat this, I'm considering scaling back to a fortnightly format. Here's the most recent newsletter )

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